Tim Dixon
Before joining Current, Tim Dixon - M.Ed. had co-founded the training and development company InCourage. Tim also served as a Senior Consultant at CIBC's Leadership Centre and was Director of Brock University's Corporate Adventure Training Institute - conducting empirical investigation into various learning methodologies while provided experiential training services. In addition to expertise in the design and facilitation of team effectiveness, leadership development and organizational transformation processes and workshops, Tim has extensive experience in leveraging technology-assisted learning (i.e. developing multi-media simulations) and innovation (i.e. utilizing collaboration and decision-support technology).

As a volunteer Tim provides suicide prevention training and officiates at snowboard competitions ranging from youth development races through to World Cup events. He also coaches athletes and remains a competitive grappler as a black belt (in spite of his accumulating injuries and age) - winning national and international jiu-jitsu competitions. Tim and his wife live an adventurous life with their two teenage children - enjoying hiking, hunting, paddling and camping as a family.